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About Us

Our mission 

To provide our members with the best value and biggest daily deals around and also more ways to avail of great deals in your area.

Why choose us as a daily deals site ?

I want this deal is ireland's first combined daily deals and discount voucher website providing our members with . . . 

"Pocket now" deals - you secure deal vouchers from us ( in order to receive the discounted price ) and only pay for the deal when you use the voucher in store with our business partners 

"Buy now" deals - straight up daily deals that you buy direct from us 

How do we provide the best value deals ?

We provide the best deals as our business ethos is to help local businesses reward their customers with great deals by giving them the best commission rates across all daily deals sites , meaning you the consumer get the biggest and best deals possible.

What makes us different to other daily deals sites ? ( businesses take note ) 

Firstly , as a business we issue "pocket now" vouchers to consumers but the consumer does not pay up front(only a small securing fee(, you only pay for the deal when using the voucher in store ( in most cases on day of appointment (ie) hair salon on day when having service done ) this allows you to receive the discount even before you pay :)

Secondly , we work with local irish businesses providing you with deals in all areas not just big cities ( even john doe's butchers in 'timbuktu' ) can offer customers a great daily deal.

Finally, our business partners have the ability to provide a range of deals daily to our network meaning not only will you get big daily deals but also you will get the opportunity to grab small limited daily deals that our partners provide.

How do i get involved as a member?

Currently we offer deals for the cork and limerick areas if your from these areas simply subscribe to our mailing list to get daily deals delivered straight to your inbox !

Why not add us on Facebook and check out our weekly competitions !

How do i offer great daily deals to your members as a business ?

The quickest way to do this is simply email us on info@iwantthisdeal.Ie or fill in our contact form 

Do we plan to expand to other services ?

Yes, IWantThisDeal will be expanding into other markets including hotel , activity , "holiday 'n' adventure" and 'products' deals shortly.

Want to help with our project ?

Simply fill in the contact form or mail us your cv to


Thanking you for reading about us,